Tuesday, December 28, 2010

end of year update

So, another year has passed us all by.

seems appropriate for an update on all things tdg.

Muzz was last spotted somewhere in red, trekking through thick snow.

He is expected to return mid 2011, until then this state of hibernation continues.

We'll provide more details in early 2011, but tdg will be working with a sydney label on the release of our new ep, a 9 track, ten minute abortion, recorded at the brain in july 2010.

we're also planning a very DIY national tour in the second half of 2011, so if you want to see tdg play your loungeroom, your local pub, your basement, your school formal, your mates record shop, your backyard, your sister's birthday or whatever else, then drop us a line ( thedowngoing [at] gmail [dot] com ), cause we'd love to spit vicious grindcore in your face. and if we don't die on tour, we'll try and get across to SE Asia after to show them what aussies call grind.

more details about the ep in 2011.


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