Thursday, December 29, 2011

end of year lists

so it's the end of the year.

which means the ol' end of year lists are starting to trickle in.
and here's a couple for you to peruse, then download everything on the list, and hence improve the quality of your life with vicious grindcore.

old mate at Grind & Punishment has done a top 20 for 2011 featuring the likes of Gridlink, Cellgraft, Cloud Rat, Total Fucking Destruction, Maruta, Wormrot etc. And somehow we snagged number 7 with strong competition like that.

While over at No Clean Singing, there is a list of the best upcoming, underdogs of grind featuring tdg along with fellow Aussies Beer Corpse and some killer unkown grinders. Worth checking out.

News about shows and shit in the next couple weeks...

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