Saturday, April 7, 2012


tdg has been busy recording more nihilistic noise than you can poke a stick at.

We'll have some information regarding a 2012 tdg release soon.

And you should keep your eyes glued to the Monomaniac 7" Comp Series over at Blastbeat Productions, as we'll be contributing 3 tracks, a grand total of 60 seconds of hell, for this awesome compilation.

tdg will be in fine company, with contributions coming from Robocop, Cloud Rat, Sete Star Sept, Gripe, Dephosphorus, Conan, Wake and heaps heaps more.

And in May we'll be playing a few shows with our pals LAEIRS, and new 2-piece Vile Specimen as they make their way south from the Scumshine Coast to mess up NSW.

More news and gig announcements in the next few weeks.


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