Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ATYOD reviews drop in.

"...every other band with pretensions of being extreme should be fucking embarrassed."

ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS is starting to spread like some sort of noise virus.

The net's Grind Bible GRIND & PUNISHMENT has reviewed ATYOD, and it seems that we are totally brutal. "...very few bands earn adjectives like "brutal" and "violent" and "unrelenting" the way this band does. There are only a handful of bands working right now that deserve to be mentioned in conjunction with that thedowngoing are bringing to the table."

While tdg gets the Zombie Apocalypse treatment over at OPERATION GRINDCORE

"This music is the soundtrack to ear rape, and bath salt induced face eating"

Unless you live under a rock you should have heard what all the fuss it about by now...
Purchase/stream/pirate from thedowngoing.bandcamp.com
Download from grindcorekaraoke.com/album/a-thousand-years-of-darkness
Watch on youtube


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